Dirty Laundry is an innovative fashion company that designs and produces a big range of clothes and accessories. Unlike other brands, our secret lies in the raw material… The fabrics are submitted to technical processes of dyeing, washing and finishing, until their final result inspires us to create a truly unique and custom garment.

Since 1974, after a 42 year old experience, specisalized in fabric production and processing, we are confident that our products will keep you satisfied, because in all the production stages – starting with the fabric choice and process, the design and production also- the philosophy remains the same: creating an apparel so special and unique that will express you in all the ways.

Our main concern is to be a part of your world, by creating for it with passion and innovation. Dirty clothes prove that people live intensively, feel every moment… and we want to be a part of your Dirty Laundry!

Living where life is happening,
-Dirty Laundry